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Patch Management

Management of application, OS and security patches. Anytime, Any device, Anywhere

Software Management

Software Management of heterogeneous environment by targeting a user, group or a machine using policy or self-service workflow

Security Management

Shield your organization against ransomware and other attacks through continuous assessment and patching

OS Management

Supports provisioning and upgrades using well defined workflow. Manage data, user settings, applications and configurations


Remotely managing, monitoring, analyzing, and configuring connected devices using the power of Castanet

Monitoring & Reporting

Reliable and secure data collection from any source, in any format to offer events monitoring, log analytics and advanced reporting

Marimba Platform

Business Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Automation & Scripting


Platform Intelligence


IDE for Development

Integration Tools

Castanet SDK

ITSM Accelerators

IOT Stack

Plugin & Connectors

Marimba Cloud




Patch Management

Server patching – Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Unix View Demo
Endpoints patching – Windows, Mac, Linux View Demo
Vulnerability management for servers View Demo
Vulnerability management for endpoint View Demo
Third party and custom patching View Demo

OS Management

OS Provisioning – Upgrades and Bare metal View Demo
Data, Settings, and Application Management View Demo
User state and driver management View Demo
Virtual Appliances provisioning View Demo
Connectors and Integrations View Demo

Software Management

Application Lifecycle Management View Demo
License Management and Tracking View Demo
Application control and auditing View Demo
Organization Store and ITSM Connectors View Demo
Third party and custom package distribution View Demo

Dashboards, Monitoring & Reporting

Real time notification and reporting View Demo
Role based Dashboards View Demo
Report Center View Demo
Big data analytics View Demo
Extensions, Connectors and Integrations View Demo

Security Management

Vulnerability Assessment and Patching View Demo
Application Control View Demo
Device and Port Control View Demo
Extensions to Anti-Virus and Disk Encryptions View Demo
Connectors and Integration View Demo

IoT Framework

IoT Management Framework View Demo
Smart Cache View Demo
Communication Framework View Demo
Real Time Monitoring View Demo
Extensions and Plugins View Demo

Mobile Device Management

Embedded Device Management View Demo
Mobile Device Management View Demo
OTA & FOTA Update Management View Demo
Device Security and Monitoring View Demo
Third party connectors View Demo

Marimba Platform

Castanet & Embedded SDK for connected endpoints View Demo
Eclipse plugin for extensions View Demo
Drift Management & Big data analytics View Demo
DevOps, Automation Framework & scripting View Demo
Custom plugin, channels and Integrations View Demo


Vulnerability Assessment View Demo
Vulnerability Patching View Demo
Security Compliance and Benchmark View Demo
Security Analytics and Infrastructure Monitoring View Demo
Connectors and Integrations View Demo

ITSM Integrations

Service Now Connectors View Demo
Remedy force Connectors View Demo
Remedy Connectors View Demo
Web services and Interfaces for Integration View Demo
Extensions and Plugins View Demo

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